do you wanna?

{ cherry pie bars }

dreams. creativity. inspiration. originality. authenticity.
passion. love. freedom. breaking the rules. depth. intuition. quick-witt.
i crave all of the above... and some more.

all of this to say that inspiration comes to me in the most unexpected ways.
(sometimes even mid-making-process)

this has actually little to do with today's recipe. i came across it while browsing the web - it was inspired on a post found at the recipe critic. the thing with today is that i just felt like i needed to thank a friend for food chatting with me and for sharing this passion (although i'm just a wannabe cook and he's the real deal!), despite we have never known each other that well. i found it to be another unexpected source of inspiration. i don't know whether he will read this, but if he does... thank you :)

and about today's recipe...
i've told you i have tons of recipes on hold: there was christmas, there was this party i hosted, there was new year's eve - there's been a lot.

i had a lot of fun preparing this in-between party (what a cool name, actually!) i hosted at home.
i invited different groups of friends of mine and i was so happy to gather them all over finger foods and sparkling sangria! i spent days thinking about the things i could cook, and because i always end up having so many ideas, the most difficult part was (as pretty much always) selecting the final menu.

i spent 20 hours in the kitchen, whipping up almost 20 different dishes, some of which required me to make three different pie crust doughs (i'll soon show you the tiny-pie project i came up with for the occasion!). i had a little help of my two lovely brothers. I made most of the recipes from scratch and got quite happy with the results of most dishes - most of them were invented and made for the very first time for the party, as stubborn and risk-taker me insists to do every_single_time - and I was also impressed by my own ability to put up so much in so little time.

i haven't shown you yet, but i named all dishes i whipped up for this party after songs since the moment i was planning them - i later made small name tags for each of them, also containing a short description.

picture by pretty little stories
picture by pretty little stories
these cherry pie bars were part of the dessert table you can see me setting with a friend above.
i named them after the kooks' 'do you wanna?' - they look so innocent, yet at the same time so tempting... plus they taste totally decadent - i knew the name suited them just right, even before i had cracked an egg. they are so easy and quick to make and i liked them so much that i've made a different version for new year's eve (also coming up soon)! they are also really fun to bake - you should definitely try them!!!

'do you wanna?'
quadradinhos de tarte de cereja

250g de manteiga amolecida
2 chávenas de açúcar
4 ovos
3 chávenas de farinha
1 frasco de doce de cereja batido com um pouquinho de água
glacé de limão e açúcar em pó para finalizar

Bater a manteiga e o açúcar bem, juntar os ovos um a um com um pouco de farinha de cada vez e bater até estar bem incorporado,
Juntar a restante farinha e bater,
Forrar um tabuleiro rectangular fundo e não muito grande com papel vegetal, espalhar quase toda a massa, cobrir com o doce e finalizar espalhando aleatoriamente pequenas colheradas da massa restante,
Levar ao forno a 180ºC cerca de meia hora, desenformar e deixar arrefecer antes de finalizar com o glacé e cortar; polvilhar com açúcar em pó.

'do you wanna?'
cherry pie bars

250g butter, softened
2 cups sugar
4 eggs
3 cups flour
1 jar cherry jam, lightened with a bit of water
lemon glaze and confectioners' sugar to finish

Cream butter and sugar, incorporate the eggs one by one with a little flour and beat until well incorporated,
Beat in remaining flour,
Line a rectangular deep baking tray with parchment paper, spread almost all the batter on the bottom, cover with the jam and finish by randomly spreading small spoonfuls of the remaining batter,
Bake at 180ºC for about half an hour, remove from pan and let cool before glazing and cutting; dust with confectioners' sugar.


  1. Que lindo Inês! Estes quadradinhos ficaram maravilhosos e devem ser uma delícia...
    Adorei as fotos! :)

  2. Olá Inês!!!
    Parabéns pelo capricho, a mesa ficou um encanto! Adorei a idéia de dar nomes especiais aos pratos!!!
    Hmmm...esses quadradinhos devem ser uma verdadeira perdição!!!
    Beijos, boa semana pra ti! =)

  3. Eu quero!!! :D
    Adorei estes quadradinhos. Tanto pelo sabor, imagino-o muito muito bom, como pelo aspecto (eu como muito com os olhos) está lindo, lindo!
    Essa foto está soberba, Inês!

    Bjinhos e Bom Ano

  4. Maravilhosa receita. Maravilhosa Mesa. Um beijinho e Bom Ano Novo.

  5. Yes I wanna! Estavam muito boas :) (essas e as outras todas) não tinha percebido q se faziam assim com "sobras" de massa por cima. que bem!

  6. Sometimes recipe inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places! I love these pie bars. And your whole dessert table looks fabulous!

  7. Que lindos quadradinhos! Estão tão bonitos :)
    Uma verdadeira perdição!
    Apetece não parar de comer! eheh
    Um beijinho