Hi. This is Inês. She is the one who keeps this blog running. She is an architect, working in Munich now. She was born in Aveiro, a small town in the west coast of Europe, and later lived in Oporto for four amazing architecture school years. She loves to travel and she would love to live in plenty different cities, including London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, São Paulo or NY, someday. She is a dreamer and a bit of a philosopher. She likes to break the rules, she is impulsive and yet she is absolutely faithful to what she believes in and what she loves. Besides architecture, she also likes music, photography, design, fashion, cinema, computers, dancing, writting and - of course - cooking. She believes that friends are one of the most important things in life, that cooking and eating bring people together, and that cooking for someone is sharing a bit of your soul.

She also insists on running a cooking blog on a damaged iPhone camera and a cubicle-sized kitchen.

Between Kitchens started back in 2009, right before I exchanged my hometown for Oporto to study architecture. Its name derives from my journey between places, including friends' homes, whilst cooking for different groups of people and with different conditions. Between Kitchens calls for versatility and thinking outside-the-box.
Cooking has been a passion since I was able to light the gas stove top with matches. By the time I was 11, I spent a whole summer putting a big cooking encyclopedia to practice, whipping up desserts and snacks every day, for me and my brothers to eat in the afternoon after swimming in the pool. At some point, some quite sophisticated and difficult recipes came by, and even though I had little practice in baking, I couldn't keep myself from trying them. Even with the often occuring failure, as my first meringue turned out to be, I didn't give up and kept baking batches of cookies and piles of pancakes.
Although it may not seem like it from the blog, I mostly prefer cooking main dishes, sides and appetizers, rather than desserts. Salty definitely wins over sweet on this. However, as you can also tell, I still like making desserts very much, and I try to put a little extra effort and creativity into them every time. I love cooking for guests and for big guest groups, but I hate cooking for myself only. I love trying new recipes, and I often do so for parties or other if-i-fail-i'm-screwed occasions. Nowadays, failure in the kitchen really makes me feel low, but this is something you shouldn't be hearing from me - trying already goes a long way, next time will be better, and one needs to pick oneself up and go kick some ass amidst pans and knives!