soothing my soul

i find it utterly fascinating when things line up in life,
caughting me startled in an unexpected sequence of coincidences.

those times i feel that maybe my mind has the same beat as the universe.
it works on randomness and on chaotic thoughts
and it slightly shivers with excitement when it all lines up,
as when i am able to sum up my messy thoughts through precise words.

i'll admit i am a bit of a perfectionist, but i'm definitely not obsessed with order.
i have seen the way some people like to plan and control everything.
i cherish the happenstances of life and i like to wander through life with wide open eyes,
trying to unleash myself from the dogmatic and from soulless certainties.

i am extremely picky with words, those who have worked with me know it,
i spend quite a long time trying to find the perfect words
- and they must absolutely fit together too -
but i've learned to appreciate the purity of raw thoughts.

maybe this attempt to pick up the slightest connections, the smallest details,
makes me feel like i have the power to invent an alternative world,
or maybe it is just further proof that we live in a paradoxal world,
where randomness is the only possible state of order,
for it all fits like a puzzle in some sort of magical way.

maybe i do pick up fortuitous connections, or maybe i just make these things up in my mind,
but i've always been captivated by the allure of chance and happenstances.


oh those winter mornings...

... when the white sheer curtains filter the cold and dull wintry light, slowly allowing it to drench the entire room, only to dilute its already washed out whiteness: from the rough snow coloured walls, on which a few thoughtfully lined up postcards hang, down to the lazy messy bulk of soft white sheets and blankets, covered in faded pink and blue blossoms.
oh how easily my heart tunes with the slow pace of these cold mornings, and how suddenly my mind is in total synchrony with the world, as if the light had somehow managed to creep in and wipe away all thoughts; oh how naturally inspiration comes to me, my eyes trying to catch all these textures and wrinkles within the soothing white wash, while at the same time I know it is just time to lay back and simply purify my mind.



weil manchmal bin ich in lebkuchen verliebt.

so you thought Christmas was over!?
well... not with me!

you know me, I still have loads of recipes to share - and I am not keeping them until next Christmas -the end.

especially not with such one handsome model as my middle brother!


sunday getaway suggestion

there is something i've always wanted to do here. at between kitchens.
that thing is... to have a travel & lifestyle side of it. because travelling is another passion of mine, and because i often feel like i could use some inside tips on what to do, where to go and what's in vogue when i find myself in a different city.
i've been postponing this small dream of mine until i get a decent camera... still no camera. i'm guessing i'll be getting one of my dream cameras soon, so i'm on the tips of my toes, ready to start wandering around and bringing you juicy news and trendy places to look for.

meanwhile... i have a suggestion for your SUNDAY, THE 11th JANUARY!