dim sum é amor.

{ hosting a dumpling dinner: pork and chive dumplings }

I will not lie to you: making dumplings is not for the faint of heart. If shaping them requires some dexterous steady fingers, to get through the whole batch one must possess otherworldly perseverance and patience. The silverlining: it gets easier after the first couple of them, plus making the filling is a no-brainer! One thing you'll need is help: call your friends and family over to the kitchen, hand a different filling to each person in case you're making several sorts and let them choose their own dumpling design. And what's better than gathering everybody at the table and feasting on warm delectable homemade dumplings in the end? They are so worth the mess!


tastes just like the 90's.

{ bolo de arroz: portuguese rice cake }

Bolos de Arroz, literally "rice cakes", are traditional Portuguese cupcakes, widely acknowledged as  a snack and not as a dessert. In Portugal, coffee is a formality after each and every single meal and it is drunk like a shot. The actual portuguese expression for drinking coffee is even - literally - 'taking coffee'. Yet the portuguese have a thing for coveting pastry trays while ordering their coffees, and when they lend more than two minutes to the act of washing them down, they might very well lower their voice a notch, gulp the guilt and order a Pastel de Nata or a Bolo de Arroz.
Usually served at breakfast and any time in the morning, while going out for an espresso after lunch, as an afternoon snack after school, but mostly appropriate for any occasion when hunger or a sweet tooth strike, these are nowadays probably one of the most simple, common and underrated cakes in the whole country.
I was curious to see if the batter would do well as a normal cake for slicing, so I decided to pour it into a loaf pan - and I have to say it worked just perfect. It is so simple to make it like this, that if you love Bolos de Arroz, or if you have never had one, you must try this recipe!


goldener herbst.

{ pumpkin spice gugelhupf with cheesecake filling }

This cake is a winner. Its batter bakes beautifully, turning several shades of autumn leaves: from caramel brown on the outside to deep orange on the inside. It is easy and fun to make, even more impressive when sliced, and it will fill your kitchen with the soothing scent of spices. Its crumb is dense and moist, a bit like banana bread - but full of pumpkin spice love. The cheesecake filling baked inside the cake is compulsory, not only to add to the show factor, but also because it perfectly complements the taste of the batter. Fresh currants on top bring a nice zesty contrast to the whole.



{ zebra gugelhupf }

Looking for the perfect slice of cake for your cup of coffee? No frosting, no fillings, just a nice slice of a simple cake? Simple cakes don't have to be plain or boring, and this zebra bundt cake definitely makes a point of it: it's efortlessly gorgeous! Easy in the kitchen, makes an huge impression at the table. My recipe delivers the perfect crumb, caramelized edges and a delicious flavour that is not too overwhelming - perfect to couple with your coffee or tea. Get your stripes on and los geht's


a birthday cake for prince charming.

{ semi-naked hummingbird cake with mascarpone frosting and toffee caramel sauce }

The recipe for the Hummingbird Cake is said to have been first published in 1978 by the Southern Living magazine, and it has ever since become a staple in the Southern US cuisine. Packed with exotic flavours, this cake relies on a rather unusual combination of ingredients, starting with the fact that it asks for more fruit than flour. With banana, pecans and pineapple at its core, it's easy to imagine a dense cake with a compact crumb, however, this cake, will prove you wrong: it has a deliciously tender and slightly moist texture, which is just compact enough to make it a perfect candidate for layering and frosting! My staple mascarpone frosting is in the sweet spot between whipped cream and cream cheese, with a hint of lemon, vanilla and maple syrup, and the whole thing is taken to new heighs by all that caramel dripping on top! This cake had such wonderful layers of flavours that each bite was a different experience of yumminess. And on top of all, I can't help but being super proud of how gorgeous my first semi-naked cake turned out!