say it sweetly.

{ lemon poppy seed alphabet sugar cookies }

Alphabet shaped cookies are astoundingly fun to make... and to eat! You can even write messages or play games like crosswords, soup of letters or scrabble with them! They are perfect for engaging children in the kitchen and this particular batter is plain gorgeous. Plus the lemon and poppy seed combo is an all-time favourite everybody will love. If you feel like it, decorate them with some lemon glaze, but they are already delicious on their own. Appetizing brain exercise, to eat by the handful.

If someone told me they would be baking sugar cookies in a day in which the thermometers rose above 35ºC, I would definitely forever label them as crazy. And yet, ironically, that's exactly what I ended up doing.


best food scenes from movies that any foodie must see

{ 22 remarkable food moments in the history of cinema }

The lobby boy Zero (Tony Revolori) covers up for talented baker Agatha (Saoirse Ronan) as they pretend to be producing regular batches of the gorgeous Mendl's pastries, while in reality they are up to some wicked baking. A scene from Wes Anderson's 'Grand Budapest Hotel'.

I am guessing that, like me, you also like to watch a good film. And I am guessing that, if you're here, you're pretty much into food as well. So I guess that, just like myself, you like to watch food on the screen. You have probably even googled the words food and movie together quite a few times, and you're likely to have come across some lists of must-see films for foodies. I thought so. And that's why I've decided to compile my own list with some of the most remarkable silver screen moments featuring food, in a selection that is not exclusive to those pictures we all know too well feature eating, cooking or baking. Oh yeah, I have gone through them all.


in praise of slowness, making the plan as you go and sparking creativity

{ lemon poppy seed pound cake with blueberries and basil }

For its exquisite yet crowd-pleasing flavour profile and its laid-back yet preppy looks, this cake suits any occasion or table just perfectly. It brings that extra something to a picnic-style brunch in the balcony with plenty other things to choose from, it is just as good for packing and taking to the park to share with friends on a sunday afternoon, or it can just as well be the star of a fancier dinner. Do not skip the glaze and the lemon zest on top, for they are not only a final decorative touch, they actually change the experience of biting into a slice.


let me introduce you your new favourite everyday summer treat

{ watermelon-strawberry slush }

It's 35ºC outside and maybe even way over it inside your house, you're feeling close to fainting, sweating and panting whenever you have to move a finger... so what now? Just whip youself up this all-natural delicious slush. Luscious, with a vibrant red colour, it's pretty perfect. No need to add colourants.

A couple of days ago, so to speak, I decided I could wait no longer to go back to freezing fruit. I started doing it some years ago when I was at my parents' over the summer, mostly to produce creamy banana ice creams, slowly destroying their blender with rock-like pieces of banana, strawberries, blueberries, or whatever crossed my mind that day. However, since I moved to Germany, I haven't had the chance to use a REAL blender, for all I've got is a feeble cheap hand blender that I bought at the supermarket, which main function is actually spilling soup all around my kitchen. Not funny.


on superfoods, reconnecting and why summer is the perfect time to feel healthy.

{ mushroom quinoa with lemon-salt-pepper drenched avocado }

Quinoa and mushrooms blend great together, both in terms of flavour and texture, somehow inducing a sort of nostalgia for that good old mushroom risotto. The topping, like an unfinished guacamole, is absolutely perfect: the chopped onion and garlic give it an extraordinary kick and the poweful zest of lemon, as always, goes great with avocado.

I remember completely underrating those big summer holidays as a kid. In middle school, we had some two or three months of holidays, but all I could think of was getting back to school and seeing my friends again. This attitude sounds more reasonable, though, if I tell you that my parents would roughly have a month of holidays, and that, until they were free, all my brothers and I could do was to hang around the house. Once in a while, I'ld go out with them or some friends, but we would mostly just stay home until August. To tell the truth, being somehow held at home during half of the summer is in part how my passion for cooking developed.