zebrastreifen. { zebra gugelhupf }

Looking for the perfect slice of cake for your cup of coffee? No frosting, no fillings, just a nice slice of a simple cake? Simple cakes don't have to be plain or boring, and this zebra bundt cake definitely makes a point of it: it's efortlessly gorgeous! Easy in the kitchen, makes an huge impression at the table. My recipe delivers the perfect crumb, caramelized edges and a delicious flavour that is not too overwhelming - perfect to couple with your coffee or tea. Get your stripes on and los geht's


a birthday cake for prince charming.

{ semi-naked hummingbird cake with mascarpone frosting and toffee caramel sauce }

The recipe for the Hummingbird Cake is said to have been first published in 1978 by the Southern Living magazine, and it has ever since become a staple in the Southern US cuisine. Packed with exotic flavours, this cake relies on a rather unusual combination of ingredients, starting with the fact that it asks for more fruit than flour. With banana, pecans and pineapple at its core, it's easy to imagine a dense cake with a compact crumb, however, this cake, will prove you wrong: it has a deliciously tender and slightly moist texture, which is just compact enough to make it a perfect candidate for layering and frosting! My staple mascarpone frosting is in the sweet spot between whipped cream and cream cheese, with a hint of lemon, vanilla and maple syrup, and the whole thing is taken to new heighs by all that caramel dripping on top! This cake had such wonderful layers of flavours that each bite was a different experience of yumminess. And on top of all, I can't help but being super proud of how gorgeous my first semi-naked cake turned out!


you smell like love.

{ dark chocolate sugar cookies with tender rose hearts }

These vibrant coloured cookies are super fun to make, it feels like playing with play-doh! They take some time, but they are tremendoulsy easy to make and I love how everything worked out so well, especially since I made up the recipe from scratch! They are perfect for Valentine's Day, or for any other occasion, and you can dye and flavour them according to your preferences or what you have on your pantry. And hey, I had chocolate and roses - what a cliché! Isn't it such a coincidence? If you're looking for something pretty, original and fun for this Valentine's, you've come to the right place!


ideas and inspiration: brunch is the new black!

{ how to plan a brunch party }

Looking for a refreshing party theme? One that is unconventional without being too over-the-top? Fit for all sorts of parties, guests and venues? Easy to pull off, though exceeding expectations? One that requires low-key hosting and yet sets an upbeat mood? Throw a brunch!
You will find precisely null reasons brunches should be saved for baby showers or limited to sleepy hungover chatting with the girls. I like brunches so badly that I'll sleep in on the weekends just to merge breakfast and lunch together. So badly, that I decided to throw one for my birthday. Booze included - of course!


have a christmassy tea time treat!

{ gluten-free mini cinnamon rice gugels }

'Bolo de Arroz', the portuguese rice muffin, ocasional replacement for a Pastel de Nata as a side for an espresso or a meia-de-leite, was the inspiration behind these mini gugels. I have spiced up the original recipe up and made it totally gluten and lactose free! Mini lemony cakes, with a texture similar to that of madeleines, they are the perfect as a coffee or tea-time treat and for sharing with friends!