a weekend trip to beautiful zürich.

Despite the fact that I've been living in Munich for almost two years now, and that I have had - and still have - friends living all over Switzerland, I hadn't stepped onto Swiss territory for some ten years. Not that it doesn't appeal to me... I dream about getting lost in the middle of nowhere around there some day, looking for all this awesome contemporary architecture that blossoms here and there amidst the mountains.


easter baking 101

Hi! I know, I know, I've been away for too long!!
Truth is, I have so many things to deal with right now, aside from the blog...
the recipes just keep accumulating and I already feel guilty about not posting!


fish and chips?

Are you up for something different this time?

As you may have read on my 'about' page, I have always been fonder of cooking than of baking. But ever since I've started this project, baking has been earning its way into my heart, up to the point that in less than two years living in Germany I have felt the need to buy over half a dozen different cake pans, two pie pans, two dozens muffin tins, a candy thermometer, a couple of baking trays and deep dishes and my (several) pantries have seen countless amounts of flour, sugar and parchment paper. I always keep eggs, butter and milk on the fridge, different sorts of flour and sugar in the kitchen cabinets and I don't feel good knowing that I'm running out of baking powder or yeast. Oh yeah, I've become a baker. Some of you even know me as "the baker" already!

Yet here I am, trying to bring back the foregone notion that I go the extra mile when it comes to cooking - I do... more than ever!


drops of jupiter handpies.

do you still remember my pie baking frenzy for this party i threw over last december? i think i baked around six or seven different kinds of savoury and sweet handpies! after having tried at least a bite of each different sort of them, these were definitely my favourite ones - and mostly the favourites of everyone else who was lucky enough to choose them first over the rest of the desserts before they were all gone in less than three minutes.

if you make these, make sure you have some friends around, because you may be tempted to eat them all on your own. in a matter of hours. you were warned...


have your blueberry scones: gluten, sugar, dairy and guilt free! ♥

I am a firm believer that detox does not necessarily have to mean no-bake.

So if you are looking for a healthier breakfast that:

~ has all the appeal of its regular counterpart ~
~ is packed with flavour ~
~ is gluten-free, vegan and has no refined sugar ~
~ makes the perfect quick fix for any lazy weekend bread cravings ~

this variation on the traditional scones is all you've been looking for.