studio apartment ideas 101

{ 10 essential tips for moving in on a budget }

This post has been brewing for two months, I guess, owing to the fact that I haven't been able to capture the atmosphere I wanted to convey in the pictures that should adorn it. After coming back from New York the past week, though, and as it mostly happens after a mind broadening experience, be it feeling the vibe of a new city or simply watching a really good film, I felt compelled to change my life. Of course that with that I wasn't straigh thinking about my flat, especially considering that I've moved in just a couple of months ago, but sometimes a small change may go a long way. Sometimes, even though you may not know it, moving some furniture around is all you need to instantaneously feel more inspired and at peace with yourself and your surroundings.

This is going to be quite a long post! Here you can find an architect's insight and personal experience of moving into an empty studio apartment, some - I hope - inspiring pictures and 10 essential tips to start with when you're moving in on a budget. Because moving and furnishing a house can be a quite overwhelming task, but that doesn't mean you can't do it!

This post today is only about the basic first steps of moving in and the tips are general indications on what you must not miss! If you like this post, I may make a series of them with more detailed thoughts and tips on how to fill in the blanks after you have the basics: how to organize your studio apartment and make it look nice and neat. That may include some furniture shopping tips, some decoration tips, whatever you'ld like to see - leave your requests in the comments!


München Food Blog Day 2015

A couple of days went by, taking with them my somehow barely noticeable nine hour jet lag, the pain my whole body bore due to relentless strolling, the excruciating injury my feet sustained after several days of stepping on the same pair of birkenstock, the american flag coloured assortment of peanut m&m's I got on the last day while dragging my huge bag around times square, and the feeling of having fulfilled a dream. I had been given a shot of adrenaline, dazed by NY's fantastic ways and exquisite appeal, by how this jungle of concrete, glass and people could seem, at the same time, so unearthly colossal and ungraspable, yet so irredeemably mundane and humane.

And yet here I was, back to Munich, to greyer days and unsummery temperatures, to my one room flat that I nonetheless happen to find extremely cozy, to my unsettling current situation and the contradictory routine it has installed in my life, to my problems and a brand new exciting to-do list that got me startled from the beginning. It so happens, coming back is not that easy for those who would travel for a living. But other challenges awaited me here!

The New York story will continue some other day soon, because today I'm here to talk about the Food Blog Days 2015, that have been happening all around Germany!


they'll melt in your mouth and they're oh-so-addictive

{ apricot, almond and white chocolate brown butter blondies }

Melt-in-your-mouth summer blondies, with the irresistible taste of brown butter, packed with gooey white chocolate chunks, thinly sliced almond and fruity fresh apricot pieces. They are so wasy and quick to make, plus they take little time in the oven, which makes them the perfect comfort treat for when it is hot outside, yet the heart still asks for some warm pick-me-up. One warning though: they are extremely addictive!

Munich is a terribly moody city when it comes to the weather. Maybe someone has forgotten to explain this city how seasons should work, or maybe it's them who have forgotten the city at some point over the ages. Fact is: once more, spring has come and gone, summer is supposed to be back, yet, looking outside, nothing quite seem to prove it. That's fine for me now, I've grown fonder of this crazy weather, even if I miss our west coast summer and sea a little bit too much. Nonetheless, sunny days and good weather usually mean more smiles, more energy, and an overall better mood. If the weather and emotions are connected, one can definitely acknowledge Munich as a bipolar city.


kitchen 101 | como se faz?

{ brown butter | beurre noisette }


If you keep updated on the latest cooking trends, you can't help but feel like brown butter is everywhere. I am guessing this actually started a couple of years ago, maybe even a couple couple of years ago, but with all these HuffingtonPost/Vogue/Buzzfeed/whatever food threads and all, one can't help but feel like it is everywhere - from the usual cookies to pasta. But do you really know what brown butter is? Continue reading to learn more about it - and find out how to make it.


tarte aux framboises

{ french raspberry tart }

When I was a toddler, and until I started elementary school, my then only brother and me had a very sweet french lady taking care of us and helping around the house. I have to admit that, besides her tanned face and her kind smile, which she managed to pull even when we young brothers had our share of fun plotting against her, I can't quite recall these days. They say we start collecting memories around that age, right? Well, I was a bit too young back then to remember everything clearly.