sweet tooth for tiramisu? i got you covered.

this was actually not planned at all.

i didn't plan to make this dessert.
it came to me through my friend Lola.
she made tiramisu yesterday,
and, for some reason, the idea of it sticked to the back of my mind,
causing such weird and growing tingling sensation,
that i even had to add ladyfingers to my shopping cart.

i didn't plan to make this post.
i actually had two other recipes on the blog waiting list,
but i thought this one deserved a place here too,
and it had to be as soon as possible.


para a minha mãe.

She is a one in a zillion kind of woman.

She may not be easy to deal with at times, for she has the boldest of personalities. She will teach you how to stay strong no matter what, how to stand up for your ideas and ideals. She is the strongest person you will ever meet. She will, without even knowing it, show you to be that woman - in a man's world. She will teach you not to care about petty things and to treasure authenticity and essence. She is not afraid to speak her mind, and although she is transparent as she can be with her emotions, she will always remain a mystery to you.
That makes her infinitely sexy.

She may seem unattached at times, but she has the biggest heart you could ever imagine. She will come off as though she won't easily get off her own track for something or someone - yet she definitely will. Don't let the looks fool you and make her regret that later on. If you find her, beware that you have found a rare gem. You will have to - and you will want to - catch up with her unique pace.
She's not for the faint of heart. 

She embraces challenges and change. And she likes to live with her head up in the clouds. She is a dreamer. She will tell you all about some crazy idea she has had, right in the haze of it, and then she will leave you puzzled as she moves on to the next one, for her mind is both restless and reckless. Don't be fearful and don't try to stop it, it's not like she cannot commit or care. She is merely capable of seeing countless roads at the same time. She's witty and creative and she will definitely inspire you. Her endless unfinished projects may always remain so, for she has already accomplished so much. She has achieved so much in her life, you can only feel profound admiration for her. That is both insping and intimidating, for it's not easy to live up to that standard.
She is larger than life.

We do have a lot in common, and I am glad for it.
And I hope and like to think that, one day, I will be worthy of these words of my own myself.


my blueberry nights

i think i am in love.

i am in love with my new - still in the making - flat.
and with the blueberry pie that came with it.
enjoy ;)


on the move...

Hi! I have just moved to a new flat and I'm so excited about it!! It is the first time that I actually got to get the task of furnishing and decorating my own home, and I am loving it! How could it be otherwise? I'm am a space-maker - euphemism for architect - after all. I had to keep my budget quite low and that makes me even more proud of the results I'm achieving ;) I'm truly happy with the potential that the space I'm creating possesses for being transformed into a food-shooting studio! Very soon, I'll bring you a post about furnishing and decorating a studio (one room) apartment with some specific tips and a bit of my personal experience these days!

Have a nice weekend ♥ xoxo


baked porridge or the ultimate comfort breakfast.

A sweet comment from my friend Laura on my facebook page today got me to share these three baked porridge recipes with you!

By coincidence... it's her birthday!