whatever you think, think the opposite.

I am not gluten nor dairy intolerant. I do have a couple of friends who are, to who I would like to whip up a batch of these right now, but unfortunately they live thousands of kilometers away. Nevertheless, I made these just for myself. You know, I like experimenting with new ingredients, I'm captivated by risk and fascinated by those deliberated walks on the wire of life where one can either go terribly wrong... or incredibly well. So I just decided to throw all caution out of the window (together with the gluten and the buttermilk) and turn my entire pancake recipe upside down, without having tried buckwheat flour a single time in my whole life.
Oh well, who cares if I'm starving for breakfast at three pm in the end?
I was way too sure it was going to work exactly as I wanted it to.


what's all the fuss about ramen?


I have always had a hard time picking favourites. As a kid, I used to feel like I was the only one who couldn't name a single favourite dish. You know, steak and fries were not really on the top of my list. I'ld go for seafood rice, grilled fish, tagliatelli with a bold tomato sauce, loads of salad, lasagna, maybe roasted meat... but no, fries were never on my top, and it felt unfair to me to select a couple favourites when that totally depended on my mood - and I could be attracted to such utterly different things!

As I grew up, I came to the conclusion that I just had very eclectic tastes. You know, you can catch me listening to Bob Dylan or Johnny Cash in a minute, then it can easily shift to Pink Floyd or Guns and Roses, crossing Dire Straits in the way, Ed Sheeran, The Strokes, Lykke Li, Junip, Arctic Monkeys, Lana del Rey, Tina Turner, The Black Keys, Chet Faker, Daft Punk, Imagine Dragons or even some Chopin, and my latest love, Hozier. I don't like them all the same - it's just that at times one just fits me better than the others. I have musical cravings.

I realized that being able to tell your favourites is actually important - at least to a certain degree. You know, I don't like Alt-J the same way I like, for instance, The Black Keys, neither do I like Lana as much as I like Lykke. I realized that picking favourites was about knowing yourself better. For instance, for as good as the music can be, I am the most moved by witty lyrics - they take a good sounding music to a whole other level.

In the end, favourites were not that hard to pick. I kind of just had to admit what I already knew.

Food wise - and currently, - my favourite foreign cuisines are likely the italian and... sushi! I love sushi, and we have a lot of great quality restaurants in Portugal, with delicious fresh fish.
I say sushi because there is a lot more to the japanese cuisine - that I was yet to try.
And here begins the story of this recipe...


to know your oats.

seems like I couldn't let you leave breakfast unfinished! you got the drinks, now here's the real deal meal. baked porridge, lending inspiration from Gordon Ramsay's recipe - after all, he is a Scot, he knows his oatmeal - with a slight twist. this meal is perfect for cold winter days, takes less than one our to put together and is an ultimate confort food for breakfast! huge plus side of its preparation: you can multiply the recipe several times without a pinch more fuss if you need to feed a crowd! just scroll down to get to the juicy details ;)

morning sips.

I have been sharing a lot of misty morning pictures and posting a lot of breakfast and brunch suggestions lately. I have, however, noticed that, although there's always something to drink in the depicted scenarios - and to make it even more blatant, they often come in pairs - I've failed to highlight the topic of b&b beverages and to share some of my ideas when it comes to it with you.
Hence, today I decided that, before posting any other recipe, I would make up for it.