sweet tooth for tiramisu? i got you covered.

{ tiramisu for one }

this was actually not planned at all.

i didn't plan to make this dessert.
it came to me through my friend Lola.
she made tiramisu yesterday,
and, for some reason, the idea of it sticked to the back of my mind,
causing such weird and growing tingling sensation,
that i even had to add ladyfingers to my shopping cart.

i didn't plan to make this post.
i actually had two other recipes on the blog waiting list,
but i thought this one deserved a place here too,
and it had to be as soon as possible.

i am sure i am not the only one who suddenly feels like eating dessert when i'm on my own... at home... at night... we all do.
backing up on one-serving-dessert recipes - and ingredients - will not only bring a solution to all your "oh-my-god it's half past ten in the night and i feel like eating chocolate mousse" moments, but also up your game in the kitchen - and it's not that difficult to adapt them for two in an emergency anyway.


Tiramisú para um
2 colheres de sopa de mascarpone
1 colher de chá de xarope de baunilha
1 colher de sopa de leite de soja
2 biscoitos de champanhe
1 colher de sopa de whiskey
1 colher de chá de café solúvel
2 to 3 colheres de sopa de água
canela para polvilhar

Todos os ingredientes devem estar bem frios ou pelo menos à temperatura ambiente.
Bater o mascarpone com o xarope de baunilha e o leite de soja e reservar.
Misturar o café, o whiskey e a água muito bem. Partir os biscoitos em três e molhá-los na mistura preparada.
Montar a sobremesa: começar com uma pequena colherada da mistura de mascarpone, cobrir com dois pedaços de biscoito, fazendo camadas. Polvilhar com canela e disfrutar.


Tiramisú for one
2 tbsp mascarpone
1 tsp vanilla syrup
1 tbsp soy milk
2 ladyfinger biscuits
1 tbsp whiskey
1 tsp soluble coffee
2 to 3 tbsp water
cinnamon, for dusting

All ingredients must be quite cold or at least at room temperature.
Beat mascarpone, vanilla syrup and milk together and set aside.
Mix coffee, whiskey and water until well dissolved. Break the ladyfingers in three pieces each and soak them in the mixture.
Assemble the dessert: start with a small dollop of mascarpone, cover with two pieces of biscuit, making layers. Dust with cinnamon and enjoy.


wish you a lovely week
and for my Germany-based readers...
have a nice holiday tomorrow!



  1. Ficou tão, tão lindo, Inês! E um bocadinho menos pecaminoso do que o tiramisù tradicional :)

  2. Às vezes apetece mesmo um docinho, simples, rápido e delicioso!
    Parece uma delícia o teu tiramisú!
    Um beijinho querida

  3. 5 minutos a fazer, 2 segundos a devorar!! Uma delicia :)
    Diogo Marques
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