White Queen

{ stracciatella semifreddo cake }

I have been away for so long! :( I knew this would be a hard task to deal with!!

Yesterday was my younger brother's birthday. Despite having half the house covered in plastic and the other one still with fresh painting, my parents ended up serving dinner for the whole family in the kitchen.

I spent my morning driving between places, shopping for ingredients, coming back home to find my mother calling me to buy some other stuff that I hadn't actually bought yet and to stop by my grandma's house to get some eggs, driving to my grandma's house, taking her shopping in another place, leaving her home, coming back home once again...

My afternoon was spent in the kitchen, mostly cleaning up my mother and brother's mess. I made a Baked chocolate tart that didn't ended up as I wish. And me and my brother came up with the best birthday dessert ever!

My brother's staple dessert is as spoonable dessert that combines heavy cream and condensed milk with biscuits/cookies crumbs (we use "bolachas maria", sometimes the chocolate kind, and "filipinos", mostly white chocolate ones). We beat heavy cream and condensed milk and, in a glass deep dish, layer this mixture and the crumbs, topping everything with the bigger crumbs (we use the "filipinos" crumbs only for topping). Everything goes to the refrigerator and is then served cold.

This time, I was about to reinvent this dessert.

And it turned out great!

Semifrio de Stracciatella
(Stracciatella Semifreddo Cake)

(For a party ;))

You need:

- 600ml heavy cream, 30% fat
- 380g condensed milk
- 450g "bolacha maria choc" (simple and quite low-fat chocolate biscuits)
- 150g "filipinos chocolate branco" (small chocolate biscuit rings covered in white chocolate)
- 120g plain yoghurt

1) Crumble each of the biscuits into sepparate bowls,
2) Put aside some 1/3 cup of the first biscuits's crumbs,
3) Mix the yoghurt with the other first biscuits's crumbs to obtain a soft dough,
4) Press the dough into the bottom of a removable bottom cake pan, previously lined with parchment paper,
5) Beat the cream until it holds soft peaks,
6) Add the condensed milk while beating,
7) Mix in the remaining "bolacha maria choc"'s crumbs,
8) Pour over the cookie dough base,
9) Top with the "filipinos"'s crumbles,
10) Freeze for at least 5 hours (maybe 3 are enough, you just have to make sure the cream is frozen). Remove the cake from the pan only when it's time to serve it.

I'm so sad for not having a photo to share, because this cake was surprisingly beautiful!

Although I can't eat heavy cream, I tried this and it was very good. Fortunatelly for me, the thing I loved the most about this dessert was it's base, that was "oh-so-good"! This crust is better than regular crumb crusts (that are made with butter or margarine), healthier but with great texture and taste!

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