a christmas message.

{ yogurt pancakes with homemade cranberry sauce }

and possibly some pancake recipe too.

(originally posted on facebook)

this is possibly my favourite time of the year.
i do like the beach and november really is my favourite month of the year (could it be that it is also because it precedes december?)...
even though, christmas is at a totally different level.

for me it was never about receiving gifts, but rather the magical atmosphere it creates. you can take away santa, you can say christmas is just a consumerist holiday... well, it is not for me. in fact, this is the time of the year you can actually get to enjoy the little things the most: it's cold, dark, things move slower, your fingers go numb but your mind gets sharper, you stay in, it's the end of the year and you tend to get more philosophical.

i also love the christmas lights and its long nights, the freezing weather (even though we never had snow back home), the christmas markets, the codfish (with broa, grelos and a lot of garlic and olive oil!!), the lebkuchen and the glühwein (sorry Portugal, but imo Germany kicks ass on the sweet stuff here - not really into portuguese christmas desserts!), spending time with friends and family, the fireplace always on, the perfect opportunity to bake and to treat my beloved ones... i could keep going for hours...

well here are my advices for this christmas season:

don't get caught in the rush for gifts and parties,
(but do the shopping in advance then!)

think about those who go through hard times on their lifes - whether it's someone you know or not. make their christmas happier by offering something that will make a difference - which sometimes can mean simply being there.

now it's the right time to do those things you always wanted to do but never had the courage - after all, it's christmas! you need to offer no other explanation. (of course that, nevertheless, i hope you hinder yourself from causing harm to you or other people) that also goes for those unchecked items on your 2014 new year's resolutions list.

gift yourself. this is really important.

take time to bake. if you like to be in the kitchen, this is the perfect time to try new recipes - the low temperatures call for a heated oven and working hands.

take at least a single wandering walk in the street by yourself,
enjoy the crispy cold out there, the christmas lights, (and if you're lucky to have them too) the christmas markets and the glühwein

reconnect with all the people you wanted to but never had the (insert excuse here). i think it's needless to say that the same goes for all your friends and relatives that you see every day - show them how they're special.

and on top of all, stay happy.
everything else can wait for the next year.
after all,
it's christmas time!


and of all the recipes i absolutely must share with you guys... I decided to start with my simple today's bunch.
for you to make on the upcoming advent weekends.
because, you know...
cranberries are such a christmassy thing 

Panquecas de Iogurte com Molho de Cranberries
1 chávena de farinha
3 colheres de sopa de açúcar branco + 1 de açúcar amarelo
5g de fermento
1 pitada de sal
baunilha moída, coentros secos moídos e canela
1/2 chávena de iogurte
1/2 chávena de água
1 colher de sopa de sumo de limão
50g de manteiga derretida
1 ovo

1 mão cheia de cranberries
6 colheres de sopa de açúcar
4 colheres de sopa de água

Preparar o molho de cranberries: levar tudo ao lume até os cranberries estarem completamente desfeitos.
Numa taça, misturar a farinha, o açúcar, o fermento, o sal e as especiarias,
Numa chávena, misturar o iogurte e o sumo de limão e deixar repousar,
Noutra taça, bater a clara em castelo,
Bater a gema, o iogurte, a água e a manteiga com um garfo,
Incorporar os ingredientes líquidos nos sólidos (se necessário acrescentar um pouco mais de água, mas a massa não deve ficar demasiado líquida e deve ter grumos) e por fim incorporar as claras sem as desfazer,
Cozinhar uma colherada de massa numa frigideira untada com óleo sobre lume médio-alto, cerca de 1 minuto de cada lado ou até se formarem bolhas dos lados; servir imediatamente com o molho de cranberries.

Yogurt Pancakes with Homemade Cranberry Sauce
1 cup flour
3 tbsp white sugar + 1 tbsp light brown sugar
5g baking powder
a pinch of salt
dried ground vanilla, coriander and cinnamon
1/2 cup yogurt
1/2 cup water
1 tbsp lemon juice
50g melted butter
1 egg

a handful of cranberries
6 tbsp sugar
4 tbsp water

Make the cranberry sauce: bring everything to a simmer until the cranberries have melted down.
In a bowl, mix flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and spices,
In a second bowl, mix yogurt and lemon juice, set aside to rest,
Beat the egg white until stiff peaks form,
Beat the egg yolk with the yogurt, water and butter,
Mix liquid ingredients into solids (if needed add some more water, but the batter must not be too liquid and must have lumps) and finally carefully fold in the egg whites,
Cook a spoonful of batter in a skillet over medium-high heat, about a minute each side or until bubbles start forming on the sides; top with the sauce and serve immediately.


  1. É um mês muito bonito sim senhora :)
    E é um mês óptimo na cozinha!
    Adorei as tuas panquecas e o molho! Uma maravilha!

  2. Dezembro é um mês frio. Brrrr...
    Adorei as panquecas!

    P.S.: Tenho passatempos no blog. ;)

    Ana Teles | blog: Telita na Cozinha

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  3. These pancakes look so scrumptious! I would love them for lunch right now :) Delicious!