pumpkin puffs portray perfection put plainly.

{ red pesto seared pumpkin gnocchi salad, with cranberries and yogurt sauce }

these gnocchi have waited long enough for you now.
it's time they make their appearance!

i guess this recipe could have been published for christmas. or at least for thanksgiving. it has that sort of holiday-ish appeal. but sometimes life gets in the way - i know, non-sense, right?! - and some things have to be put on hold. does that make them less worthy? no, not at all. especially when it comes to such gorgeously orange coloured soft puffs - which you will want to try right away.

these were made on the first of december and inspiration for it came from a random picture found on my facebook feed, posted by a german food blogger. i don't even remeber where exactly did it come from, but from that moment on i knew i would be whipping up pumpkin gnocchi someday soon.

You can boil them for a couple of minutes or give them a quick fry over a hot pan with olive oil. I decided to flavour mine with red pesto - it is quite delicious, and you can stir-fry them over pesto too - and then throw them in a sort of salad, with crispy lettuce and sour fresh cranberries, topped with a white quark sauce for some protein and contrast. I imagine they will also go wonderfully on a hot creamy white sauce, maybe a peppery cheese sauce, or one with mushrooms - totally up to you to get creative with it!

Despite what you may think, they are not complicated to make, and I leave you some 'step-by-step' pictures of my own experience to show you just how easy they are! Plus they look so gorgeous, these little puffs with this almost golden colour.

~ salada de gnocchi de abóbora em pesto rosso com arandos e molho de iogurte ~

- gnocchi -
5 batatas pequenas, descascadas e cortadas em pedaços
1/2 abóbora pequena, sem casca nem caroços, cortada em pedaços
1 chávena de farinha (ou um pouco mais se necessário)
1/2 chávena de farinha maizena
1 ovo
sal e pimenta
1 dente de alho picado
4 colheres de sopa de pesto rosso
azeite q.b.

- salada -
meia dúzia de arandos frescos, picados grosseiramente
meia dúzia de folhas de alface frisada, picada grosseiramente

- molho de iogurte -
1 colher de sopa de queijo quark (ou outro queijo fresco) com ervas
1 colher de sopa de iogurte natural cremoso
1 colher de sopa de água

1) Cozer as batatas e a abóbora em água com sal, escorrer e passar bem com a varinha mágica; deixar arrefecer,
2) Deitar o puré de abóbora numa taça grande, abrir uma cova no meio e deitar a farinha, os temperos e o ovo; amassar com as mãos, acrescentando mais farinha se necessário,
3) Deitar sobre uma superfície enfarinhada e fazer um rolo grosso; dividir em cerca de seis pedaços e repetir o rolo, cortando agora os gnocchi,
4) Cozer em água fervente cerca de 3 minutos, metade de cada vez, retirando com cuidado e deixando escorrer,
5) Entretanto, levar a lume alto o alho, o azeite e o pesto rosso; juntar os gnocchi e agitar sobre lume alto,
6) Transferir para uma taça, deixar arrefecer ligeiramente, juntar a salada e misturar; finalizar com os cranberries e um pouco de molho de iogurte.

~ pesto rosso seared pumpkin gnocchi salad with cranberries and yogurt sauce ~

- gnocchi -
5 small potatoes, peeled and chopped
1/2 small pumpkin, exterior and seeds removed, chopped
1 cup flour (or a bit more if needed)
1/2 cup cornstarch
1 egg
salt and pepper
1 chopped garlic clove
4 tbsp pesto rosso
olive oil

- salad -
half a dozen cranberries, roughly chopped
half a dozen leaves of crispy lettuce, roughly chopped

- yogurt sauce -
1 tbsp quark, with herbs
1 tbsp creamy plain yogurt
1 tbsp water

1) Boil potatoes and pumpkin in water with salt, drain well and purée; let cool,
2) Pour it inside a big bowl, open a hole in the middle and add the flour, seasonings and egg; knead with the hands, adding more flour if needed,
3) Place on a clean surface, dusted with flour, and roll into a thick cylinder; divide in six pieces with a knife and repeat with each, slicing then the gnocchi,
4) Place in boiling water for about 3 minutes, half at a time, removing and draining them carefully,
5) Meanwhile, heat the garlic, olive oil and pesto over high heat; add the gnocchi and stir for a couple of minutes,
6) Transfer to a bowl, let cool slightly and mix in the lettuce; garnish with the cranberries and a bit of yogurt sauce.

have a delightful weekend!


  1. Uma salada cheia de cores e bem sedutora :) adoro gnocchis e de abóbora são deliciosos.
    Acho que é uma salada perfeita para estes dias de Inverno.
    Um beijinho.