ouro negro.

{ black rice risotto with codfish, dried tomato and red pesto }

there is this line from a song that came to explain how i sense this world.

'she moves with shameless wonder.'

well, i wonder about the actual meaning of this verse.
maybe Hozier wrote it purely to romanticize a woman's assured and graceful gestures...
yet, i take it differently.
to me, it describes someone who senses this world with constant and unhibited curiosity and - consequently - fascination, a characteristic that keeps them wandering decisively, looking for answers.

maybe i've read too much into it, but i guess that's what poems are made for.
i wish i could discuss that with him one day.

this characteristic allows me to find inspiration in the most odd circunstances, particularly during the time i'm on my own. it also keeps me excited about discovering new things, either in my thoughts - i do think a lot - or palpable stuff.

a bit due to it, i love finding products that i would not even imagine could exist.
that was the case of this black rice.

not far from from my office, there is this place where you can eat or take away thai food. i went there for the first time last week to buy lunch and i found that, besides meals, they also sell plenty products i had never seen - from noodles with different shapes, widths and colours, to different types of rice, like red and black.

i decided to return there after work to pick up the black rice on my way home.
somehow, i had already decided its fate. at least for a first try.
for some reason i cannot grasp, black rice risotto sounded about right to me...
it was actually pretty good, hope you like it!

risotto de arroz negro com lascas de bacalhau, tomate seco e pesto rosso
combinar com um copo de bom vinho branco e um Hitchcock a cores.

1/3 de chávena de arroz negro
1/2 posta de bacalhau ultra-congelado, descongelada
1 dente de alho, picado
75ml de vinho branco
água quente
40g de queijo gouda
azeite q.b.
sal e pimenta q.b.
duas fatias de tomate seco de frasco, cortadas em tiras
uma colher de sopa de pesto rosso
cebolinho picado q.b.

Cozer a posta de bacalhau, desfiar e reservar. Reservar também o caldo de cozedura.
Levar o alho picado ao lume sobre azeite a refogar, acrescentar o arroz e um pouco de sal e deixar aquecer.
Juntar o vinho branco e deixar absorver, mexendo.
Cozinhar o arroz até estar tenro mas resistente, acrescentando aos poucos a calda do bacalhau quente, ou água quente quando esta se esgotar, deixando absorver entre adições e mexendo sempre, cerca de 45-50 min.
No final, juntar o gouda e um pouco de leite ou natas se necessário, mexer bem até estar completamente derretido e incorporado.
Levar as lascas de bacalhau a tostar ligeiramente sobre uma sertã bem quente com azeite, temperando com pimenta.
Empratar, começando com o risotto, dispondo as lascas de bacalhau e as tiras de tomate seco sobre este.
Misturar bem o pesto rosso com parte do cebolinho e um pouco de azeite e finalizar com este. Polvilhar com mais um pouco de cebolinho picado fresco e servir imediatamente.


black rice risotto with codfish, dried tomato and pesto rosso
pair with a nice glass of white wine and a colour Hitchcock.

1/3 cup black rice
1/2 fillet of frosted salted (cured) cod
1 clove of garlic, finely chopped
75ml white wine
boiling water
40g gouda cheese
olive oil
salt and pepper
two slices of dried tomato from a jar, thinly sliced
1 tbsp red pesto
chives, finely chopped

Boil the codfish in water, drain, remove bones and skin, tear in smaller pieces and set aside. Keep the broth water warm.
Heat the olive oil in a pan over medium to high heat and sautée the garlic. Add rice and salt and let it fry for a while, stirring.
Add the white wine and let the rice absorb it, stirring.
Cook the rice until it is tender yet not melting, adding the cod broth bit by bit, always letting the rice absorb it while stirring. When running out of broth, continue with the boiling water. Cook for about 45-50 min.
In the end, stir in the gouda and a bit of milk or cream if needed. Stir until well incorporated and melted.
Heat the codfish over a very hot pan with olive oil, letting it fry a bit on the outside until golden. Season with pepper.
Plate, starting with the risotto, topping with the codfish and the dried tomato.
Mix the pesto with part of the chives and a bit of olive oil and garnish the dish.
Sprinkle with extra chives and serve immediately.


have a nice week!



  1. Magnifico e sofisticado! Deve ser uma delicia :)
    Diogo Marques
    Blog: A culpa é das bolachas! | Facebook | Instagram

  2. Great combination of flavours and colours - what a tempting dish.

  3. Fantastic flavours! I just finished last pack of black rice and must order some more.

  4. That is such a gorgeous phrase....I love it! And the black risotto is so cool...the color contrast is just lovely!

  5. This is a beautiful dish - so elegant and colorful. We adore black rice with it's nutty flavor and gorgeous color. Making a risotto was brilliant!

  6. adorei a receita a combinação de sabores ,não conhecia o arroz negro :)

  7. Um prato cheio de sabores diferentes! Óptimo aspecto!